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Dong Guan Chinese Sausage 东莞腊肠 (500gm)
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Dong Guan Chinese Sausage 东莞腊肠

Weight/ 重量: 250gm± / 500 gm±

Storage: Keep refrigerated

Why is the shape of Dong Guan sausages short and thick? There are several different stories circulating in history, you can try to do some reading on the internet.

The production is different from other Chinese Sausages. It uses fresh pork, the ratio of 8:2 lean and fat meat is chopped, mixed with sugar, salt, special soy sauce and seasonings, and sprinkled with authentic Shanxi Fenjiu (grain wine). It is then packed in natural sausage casings and then tied in links. Air dried to a moderate degree and cured until it is transparent and dry. The flavour of Dong Guan sausage is very unique, the colour is bright, and it has the characteristics of crisp, even salty taste and a light wine aroma. It has become a top grade sausage in Guangdong. Dong Guan sausages are suitable for making wax meat rice and claypot chicken rice. You may also steam it and have it on its own with a bowl of warm rice. The taste is rather good and flavourful. 


为什么东莞腊肠的形装短而粗? 历史上有流传几个不同的故事,可以去谷歌一下。

制作上与普通腊肠有所不同,它是用新鲜猪肉,比例是 8:2的瘦、肥肉切粒剁烂和匀韵,拌以白糖、食盐、特级酱油和调味料,还洒上正牌的山西汾酒,入进天然腊肠衣后捆扎。自然风干至适度,即放入火柜以文火烘烤至透明干爽。东莞腊肠风味很独特,色彩鲜丽,并有爽脆、咸味均匀还带出一种淡淡的酒香味等特点,成为广东腊肠中的上品。东莞腊肠适合用来做腊味饭和瓦煲鸡饭加上特级酱油,那味道真让人流连忘返。