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English Roast Pork 鬼佬烧肉 500gm±
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English Roast Pork 鬼佬烧肉 500gm (4-5 pcs)

Quantity/ 重量:500 gm±



Fresh Pork, Salt, Natural Sugar, Herbs and Natural Flavours (< 5%)


English Roast Pork is made from fresh pork seasoned with salt and other ingredients infused while on its curing process. The meat will be more textured because it is made out of whole leg. It is best eaten grilled, roasted or pan fried to enjoy the skin's crispiness.

Don't wait for a special occasion to have it, as its flavor and texture are so perfectly delicious, you're going to love it. Our perfectly moist and evenly cooked meat is surrounded by a crisp and sharp crackling.