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Mooncake Festival Promo Package
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This September, celebrate the Mooncake festival with AWESOME KITCHEN!

Miss dining at the restaurants? Looking for something different to eat for lunch and dinner, but don't know where to start? We now have the Mooncake festival package set at AWESOME KITCHEN for you and anyone can be a chef at home! Having a cheerful celebration at home with your loves one.

Mooncake Festival Package Includes...

1) Smoked Streaky Bacon - 500gm
2) Pizza Ham - 400gm
3) Premium Farmer Bratwurst - 3pcs
4) SiChuan Spicy Sausage - 6pcs
5) Signature Pork Chop - 200gm
6) Black Fungus Pork Dumpling - 10pcs
7) Cujun Spiced Chicken Chop - 200gm
8) Rosemary Garlic Chicken Chop - 200gm
9) Classic Luncheon Meat - 480gm
*FREE DELIVERY within Klang Valley