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Can we having this again for Christmas?

I purchased a Christmas Fiesta Set from Awesome Kitchen during our siblings gathering in early Dec 2020. I cooked all the ham, sausages, chicken chops and the Christmas Ham within an hour. All my guests love it very much, all the foods gone very fast. Here are all the guests comment. 

1) Very good quality food, ham & sausages not so salty.

2) Wah! Good to know that all made by local fresh pork meat, no wonder taste so good.

3) Can we have it again for Christmas! 

I'm so happy that i made the right choice! Myself and my guest will definitely order again for Christmas gathering.

Aunty Eveleen


Awesome 的食物,让我事业和家庭两边都能兼顾。

我和我老公都是会计师,通常回到家都蛮迟偶尔还会加班,每天回到家都蛮累的,通常一家四口都是叫外卖吃,很少自己在家煮饭。但自从朋友介绍 Awesome Kitchen 之后,改变了我们的生活方式。 他们的食物种类蛮多选择的,最重要所有食材都非常容易烹调,解冻后,煎一煎就可以吃了。我最爱午餐肉,可以煎一片片,炒饭,炒蛋再加两个鸡扒就可以开饭了。偶尔也会煮下西餐来些变化, 在家自已煮总会比较健康和便宜。


Kelly & Chris


Thank you for making good food...

Hi, the German Pepper sausage is very firm and peppery. Very good. Black pepper is sufficient and nice. Keep to this recipe. It is a success. Thank you for making good food. Remember to keep meat cold while processing and you will have no problem with taste and smell.

Mr Phoon


Good quality Chinese Sausage..

Hi, the golden coin