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Pizza Ham 比萨火腿 (400gm)
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Pizza Ham 比萨火腿

Quantity/ 重量:400 gm±


Ingredients: Fresh Pork & Chicken Meat, Water, Salt, Capsicum, Herbs, Spices, Protein Soy, Wheat Flour and Natural Flavours (< 5%)

Pizza ham is a product specially developed to cater to the local market. It is a combination of fresh pork and chicken with capsicums and other herbs and seasonings. The thickness of the ham is as thick as the sandwich ham. In addition to the good taste, it really tastes like a real pizza. You will surely be surprised with its unique taste, a must-try product for anyone who likes pizza and capsicums. The size of the pizza ham is also suitable for sandwiches and as a complement to your all-day breakfast platter.


比萨火腿是我家经过多年特别研发的产品,它是融合了新鲜猪肉和鸡肉加上的灯笼辣椒 (Capsicum)和其他调味料。火腿厚度和三文治火腿一样调厚多0.9mm, 吃下去除了口感好之外还真有一点在吃比萨的感觉。它的味道绝对会给你一种惊喜,喜欢吃比萨和灯笼辣椒的家人必试的产品。比萨火腿的面积也是根据我国的白面包尺寸适合用来做三文治。