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Premium Cheddar Cheese Sausage 优质芝士香肠 (12pcs)
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Premium Cheddar Cheese Sausage 优质芝士香肠


Quantity: 12 pcs    数量: 12 条


Ingredients: Fresh Pork Meat, Cheddar Cheese, Natural Sugar, Spices, Wheat Flour and Natural Flavours (< 5%) & Water


Cooking Suggestion: Boil sausage until half cooked approximately 2 minutes, mid heat. Remove and pan fry/grill/bake with or without oil until browned. Do not cut or burst the casing as the juice may dry up in the sausage.

Who can deny the love when you’re having a smoked sausage loaded with oozing cheese? These bursting flavours sausages are definitely great for kids’ party or even as a dish for a simple home gathering. Made with finely selected minced fresh pork, these sausages are spiced, smoked to perfection and stuffed with real Cheddar cheese before encased into a natural collagen casing. You can gently fry them over low heat or poach them during your rush hours. These are so delicious and convenient to have that you can make them a necessity in your grocery list.

当烟熏香肠中渗入(Cheddar)芝士时,有谁都抵挡它的魔力? 这些风味十足的香肠绝对适合大人和小孩聚会,甚至可以作为简单的家庭聚会的一道菜。 这些香肠是用精选的新鲜猪肉制成的,香料,并塞满奶酪熏制至完美。然后装入天然胶原蛋白肠衣中。 建议您用中小火满满把香肠煎至到浅棕色, 这样如此美味和方便食材,您可以在购物清单中使它们成为必需品之一。