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Sandwich Ham 三文治火腿 (400gm)
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Sandwich Ham 三文治火腿

Quantity/ 重量: 400 gm±



Ingredients: Fresh Pork Meat, Water, Salt, Natural Sugar, Spices, Protein Soy, Wheat Flour and Natural Flavours (< 5%)


Sandwich ham is a popular fast-moving product in our store. It is made from shoulder pork meat, pressed together into square shape and cooked with water. We insist on using only fresh pork and traditional German recipe to produce this delicious ham. We made the flavours suitable for locals and deliberately increased 0.9mm thickness of each slice of sandwich ham to enhance the eating pleasure. The size of the Sandwich Ham is made according to the size of regular bread loaves in our country. The meat is juicy and the salty taste in the ham makes your sandwiches a delightful one.


三文治火腿是我家的爆单产品,每天都是坚持用新鲜的猪肉加上采用德国传统配方制作。我们也有调配适合大马人的口味还特意把每片三文治火腿的厚度调厚多0.9mm ,把它口感提升到另一个景界。 三文治火腿的面积是根据我国的白面包尺寸适合用来做三文治。吃下去时,那Q弹的肉质加上火腿里的咸香味占满的的嘴,那满足感是难以用语言去表达。